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Why chose  Lip Recovery 



1) All of my ingredients are organic. Lip Recovery is 100% Organic.

2) My Lip Recovery was formulated specifically to help musicians with recovery from long gigs/practice and to support faster turn around for the next gig.  As you know, the health of a horn players lips is crucial to their playing.

3) The Lip Recovery is good for non horn players as well and is made by someone who lives in Colorado and understands dry lips!

4) Some of the best, most effective healing and moisturizing ingredients are in my Lip Recovery, like hemp oil and arnica. There is a balance between healing, moisturizing and protecting.


I have some very awesome responses from professional players like, Mindi Ayber, Kirk Whalum, Jeff Kashiwa, Darren Rahn, Gred Adams, Felix Peikli and more. 


Priscilla Rahn


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