Above all Quality!

Our Core Values

Quality Music Accesories



Honesty runs deep through our core. Here is how!

When make a mistake (it does happen ) we own

up to it and admit it and we fix it.  QUICKLY.

We won't tell you your order has shipped when it hasn't.


We are very transparent in everything we do. We don't have time for games and neither do you.




​Longevity is one of our most important Values.

You don't buy products for your home that have a short shelf life, so why would you buy them to sell to your customers.


We intend to be here a long time and so will our products!

As important as profit is, we all know we can't allow short term profit to take the place of long term customer satisfaction.

In the music business environment, long term quality products not only keep your customers coming back, but also keep you coming back to E.S.S.





It's quite simple for us at E.S.S.

We Build Long Term Relationships.


WHY do we Bother?

We want you as a customer for a long time.

More importantly, we want you as our friends for an even longer time.

We want to make sure you are happy and satisfied dealing with our family.

You can trust E.S.S. for a long time. We are not here for a quick buck.




Deadlines happen and you need to be there!

SO do we.

Last minute items added to an order for an educator can present challenges and can cost you lost business . If you do not have the item in stock, we generally will and will do our best to get it to you overnight.  

We work hard to help you satisfy your customer. We want them to buy from you again, just like we want you to buy from us again.

  • Our service is reliable

  • Our products are reliable

  • Let us prove it to you.





We know you are passionate about what you do. Music is your life!

Helping more people play more music is ours! Music education and music educators are important to us. Our dedicated staff can help you to help your educators succeed with the newest products through trial programs, sponsorship programs and product samples.



to find out we can help you help more people play more music.

Elvy Sound Solutions scours the world for high quality, long lasting products for the music accessories industry. Everything from Lefreque Sound Bridges to Marca Reeds and Silverstein Works and not to forget our BRAND synthetic pieces for brass with patented Turboblow. Playing should not be a chore.

Let us show you what quality looks like.


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