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"Music is emotion, emotion equals passion and passion is contagious"


Tim Elvy,President

Elvy Sound Solutions


How ESS Got Started 


ESS was founded by veteran to the music business, Tim Elvy. In 2017 after almost 8 years as the VP of Sales for a music industry company that began far south of mid 6 figures, and growing that company to Multi Million Dollar Status, the company he was working for decided to make his job redundant. After a great deal of soul searching as to what he would do, Tim's biggest fear was a that he would not be able to continue in the music business. 

After a great deal of encouragement from artists and customers Tim had worked with from around the world, his life took a turn when many of those artists and customers reached out to him and wanted to work with him. Tim decided to start his own consulting business after seeing a real need to help startup companies who had awesome products, but did not know how to get them to market as well as customers who knew their own market, but not world markets. Tim could see a real need thus enabling him to continue in the music business, his real passion.

From his first customer, BG France to his current roster of  customers, Tim's passion for the music industry spoke out clearly. Customers began to ask Tim to distribute and sell products for them and hence Tim's son, Aaron, was brought into the business. Customers agree Aaron also has this same passion for the music business.


Though ESS is a relatively young company,  companies from all over the world agree that Tim's passion is the driving  force to his success. 

Tim is quoted  as saying, "Music is emotion, emotion equals passion and passion is contagious" .  

The ESS philosophy is simple - if you follow only the money you won't succeed, but if you follow the music and help as many people as you can to play and enjoy music through products , education and sponsorship, you will be successful. Just ask any of Elvy Sound Solutions customers and they will tell you how true that  statement really is!


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