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August 23rd 2019
May 24th 2019
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Elvy Sound Solutions is pleased to announce the appointment of Summerhays Music in Utah as out first KEY DEALER for BRAND synthetic mouthpieces for Brass Winds in the United States.

Having a KEY DEALER nearby means many things to customers. Foremost it means A place to buy top Quality BRAND Mouthpieces as well as other quality accessories. It means buying from a store that cares about its customers. and knows the right products to recommend.

For all the above reasons we are very pleased to welcome them into the ESS Family!

See below for links to Summerhays Music.


We are looking for Key Dealers one in every state to handle exceptional Products. If you would like to service a state exclusively please reach out to me at tim@elvysoundsolutions.com

Summerhays Music Murray


5420 S. Green Street
Murray, Utah 84123
(801) 268-4446

Summerhays Music Layton


547 North Main Street
Layton, Utah 84041
(801) 546-4446

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Thanks to Max Mensing for the review and congratulations on the purchase of his new Brand mouthpiece and booster. Here is the video Link.

Phone:  (226)  668-1940