Above all Quality!


Quality Music Accesories

My wife is always telling me that when you buy QUALITY you only cry once. 

How many times have you purchased something at a low price only to find it fail after only a few uses, or did not last as long as you thought it should have, bringing unhappiness to you or your customer.

At Elvy Sound Solutions we distribute only Quality Products and we stock them in North America. These products are then sold by ESS or through our partners to fine Music retailers including North and South America.  However, many of our products are also distributed World Wide by ESS.


We invite you to explore the brands we are so proud of and see why Elvy Sound Solutions is quickly becoming your distributor for unique quality products from around the world.


      Our current list of products include:

          Click through on the links below to go to the brand you are interested in.

Brand Mouthpieces from Switzerland

Marca Reeds from France

Lefreque Sound Bridges from Holland

Rhodell Organics cork grease and lip Balm hand made in the USA

Pinch Clips from the USA

The String Cleaner from the USA

Keep checking back for additional products coming soon.

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