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The Sylphyo, an innovative MIDI controller


The Sylphyo can be used either on its own, as a standalone instrument, or as an innovative MIDI controller. MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is the communication standard between electronic musical instruments and computer music applications since the eighties. It does not transmit sound at all, but rather conveys a real-time description of what the musician is doing (the pitch of the played note, its duration, velocity, volume, expression, panning, etc.), leaving the task of sound generation to the synthesizer or computer (through plug-ins or virtual instruments) that receives the MIDI messages.

The most common MIDI controller is the MIDI keyboard, a silent piano-like keyboard that can be connected through MIDI or USB to a computer, a synthesizer, an expander or a sampler that produces sound according to what is played on the keyboard. Compared to a MIDI keyboard, the Sylphyo only plays one note at a time, but it conveys so much more from your performance in addition to the notes you play: it also accurately transmits breath control information, as well as many other controls related to your gestures and movements. With your Sylphyo, you will rediscover your favorite synths and virtual instruments and have unprecedented control on your sound at your fingertips.

The Sylphyo works as a class-compliant USB-MIDI controller; that is, to use it you just need to plug it to your computer or tablet. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. And with its Link wireless receiver, you can also connect it to any MIDI synthesizer or equipment using MIDI DIN cables or the USB-MIDI host interface.




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