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Sylphyo, the new clarinet 


With the shape of its bell and its dark color, the Sylphyo of Aodyo evokes a clarinet, but by the display you can tell it is an electronic clarinet.

Thanks to the left thumb octave selection mechanism on the Sylphyo, crossing the break is much simpler compared to a clarinet. To reach the clarion register, just tune your Sylphyo in G so that you can play a C using just the left index, middle, and ring finger keys. To play a G, just add the right index, middle, and ring fingers on their respective keys. With the Sylphyo tuned in C, the fingering positions are closer to the higher register on the clarinet.

The Sylphyo is tuned in C by default, however it can be tuned in Bb like most soprano clarinets, or in C or A like some other soprano clarinets. Most other clarinets are in Eb or Bb, and it is as easy to select the proper tuning for them as well. The Sylphyo can be tuned to any tone on a ±2-octave range.

The clarinet fingering on the Sylphyo is an adaptation to the keys of the Sylphyo, with some changes to compensate for the missing keys available on the clarinet.

The Sylphyo also offers an oriental clarinet fingering based on the modified Albert system found in some turkish clarinets, designed in collaboration with students in Middle-Eastern Music at UCLA (Los Angeles).


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