Above all Quality!


Quality Music Accesories

Whether you are a startup company in the music business or a musician who needs representation in the music marketplace, Elvy Sound Solutions can help.


Why use us to grow your Brand?

We care and we have the connections to introduce your products to customers ready to buy. The world is truly our playground when it comes to music products and we can help you meet the right customers including retailers .

We have done it before with other products and can do it for you.

WE put a plan in place to help you that includes marketing, Sales, Connections and a solid strategy for sustainable growth.

We help you define a business model that works be it direct to retailers or straight to distribution


How do we work?

We start by having you fill out a confidential questionnaire (we always sign a non disclosure to make sure you are safe)  about your business, including but not exclusive to revenue, where that revenue comes from, current markets, current customers, current advertising budget and where you advertise and so much more. We really want to get to know you so we can help you succeed.

After exploring what you do and how you do it, we build you a report analyzing where we feel you are missing the mark and where you are hitting the mark. We build a solid report for you to review including things like a SWOT analysis and market demographics as well as how to help new companies know where to start .

This report and all fees are at no charge to you should you decide to use ESS services. Should you decide to keep the report and not use our service, then you will be charged for the time spent and the report.

We will have a look at how much help your company requires, be it sales or advertising, connections or marketing or any other resources we have at our disposal. We will then quote you a reasonable monthly fee and a small performance based commission. This will be defined for you up front.




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