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ESS is the Exclusive Distributor of Brand Mouthpieces in North America and MexicoI

Brand Brasswind Mouthpieces are the only mouthpieces in the world with the patented Turboblow and Turbo Bore feature. Each mouthpiece is rifled down the center which mean less air in and more sound out. Do not let the fact that these are synthetic fool you. These are professional quality Mouthpieces in most of the popular cup sizes. Michu Brand will even make a copy of your mouthpiece.  


Also add to these the booster, and you get the weight and Balance of a brass mouthpiece and the depth of sound. They need to be tried to be believed!

These mouthpieces and Boosters are available for the full range of Brass instruments except French Horn in most common sizes.

This is not a cheap plastic mouthpiece.

This mouthpiece is used by professionals all over the wor​ld and will change the way you play music forever!

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Boosters Available in 6 Finishes.

Mouthpieces available in 6 Colors.

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