Above all  - Quality!

Remember when QUALITY was more than just a word-----WE DO!

At Elvy Sound Solutions, We define Music Distribution and we remember a time when quality meant something. Many say it but at ESS we live and breathe it. From the way we help new companies grow through Music Consulting, to the quality Music Accessories we scour the world to bring to you. From the quality people we hire, to the to the  way we deal with customers, our partners.

                           WE REMEMBER  a time when quality meant everything!

I would like to invite you to browse our website to see what we do. If there is anything you can't find, have requests for, or would like to tell us something we can do better, please reach out to me on the ESS contact form below.  We would love to show you how quality is so much more than just a word, it's everything.


Tim Elvy President

Elvy Sound Solutions

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Aubrey plays a Brand Clear 12 C and a Brand Booster

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Aubrey Logan


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